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Flight terms & conditions

The terms and conditions set forth below govern access to, and use of the Internet address booking.hicuba.com (hereinafter, the Website ) belonging to Global Travel Booking, S.L.U.


Global Travel Booking, S.L.U. with registered offices at Calle Tomas Miller 47, 5 Derecha, 35007, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) and Tax ID (CIF) No. B76122639, hereinafter, Onlinetravel ;

HiCuba, hereinafter, the Platform , which shall broker the services offered by Onlinetravel ;


The individual (hereinafter, the User ), who accesses the page for information or to book the services offered through the Website .


The Platform offers clients the opportunity to purchase airline tickets electronically for any of the major airlines, departing from, and arriving in any part of the world.


The User shall have the ability to order and purchase any airline tickets through the booking.hicuba.com webpage by following the detailed steps that will be provided.


4.1 It is not necessary for the client to be registered in order to purchase airline tickets through the booking.hicuba.com webpage.

4.2 The purchase conditions for airline tickets (prices, availability, modification and cancellation policies, etc.) shall be those that are established by the airlines at the time and are subject to change without incurring any liability whatsoever on the part of the Platform or Onlinetravel . Such conditions shall be those that are chosen by the User during the electronic booking process.

4.3 Number of Tickets: The User may purchase a maximum of 9 (nine) airline tickets in a single transaction.

4.4 Electronic Tickets: Most airlines offer the possibility of purchasing electronic tickets for given flights. An electronic ticket is a virtual document that takes the place of a traditional airline ticket. Once the ticket purchase is confirmed, the data entered by the User will be registered along with his or her ID or passport number. In order to board the flight, the passenger simply has to show his or her ID or passport at the airport ticket counter. However, it is recommended to print out a copy of the confirmation email containing all of the travel information.

4.5 Changes or Cancellations Made by the Airline: Reserving an airline ticket implies the User's obligation to acquire it at the time the reservation is confirmed by the corresponding airline.

In the event that a change or cancellation made by the airline affects a round-trip reservation made up of two separate tickets per passenger, neither the Platform nor Onlinetravel nor the other airline shall be held liable for any expense or inconvenience that may arise from such cancellation or change.

4.6 Changes or Cancellations Made by the User : The conditions of most tourist class rates do not allow the User to make any type of change, modification or cancellation; therefore, he or she shall have no right to reimbursement for these tickets. If the User makes a request to cancel or change the date of a reservation, the decision shall be made on a case-by-case basis, subject to the airline’s consideration and acceptance, and the User shall be informed as to the specific modification and cancellation policies for that reservation.

If a client has purchased a round-trip ticket and fails to depart, the return ticket shall be automatically cancelled by the airline.

In order to effectuate a change or cancellation, the Platform must receive the written request for the change at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure. We cannot effectuate any changes from 6:00 p.m. on Fridays through the end of the weekend.

4.7 Duplicate Reservations: The Platform shall not be held liable for any duplicate reservations that the User may make. In the event that the User makes duplicate reservations, the Platform shall offer him or her every possible alternative for resolving the situation, but in no event shall the Platform assume any costs associated with such duplication.

Furthermore, the Platform shall not be held liable for impracticable reservations, for example, if the same passenger has reservations for flights to two different places at the same time. Likewise, Global Travel Booking, S.L.U. shall not be held liable for any trial runs that a User may make using his or her credit card on the Website .

In any of the above cases, the Platform shall offer every alternative for a possible resolution, but shall not be held liable for any costs that could arise. 4.8 One-Way and Round-Trip Airfare: In order to offer the best price, the Platform shall always offer both round-trip and one-way airfare on round-trip reservations, i.e. for a round-trip reservation, the Platform shall offer one ticket for the departure and another separate ticket for the return trip, with each flight’s separate modification and cancellation policies applying independently.

4.9 By Royal Decree, the resident discount shall only apply to national flights originating from, or arriving to the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla. This discount shall only apply to citizens of Spain, the member countries of the European Union and the European Economic Area (Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein) who can document their residency. If the person requesting this discount does not present the required documentation during the reservation process or is not entitled to the discount, the airline reserves the right to charge the difference between the airfare paid and the tourist class, first class or business class rate, without restrictions, or to deny boarding with no obligation to provide any subsequent reimbursement. This discount may not be applied to tickets that have already been used or confirmed without the discount.

Before requesting a resident discount, it is the client’s responsibility to make the necessary inquiries in order to find out what documentation is required and whether his or her nationality or legal status entitles the client to this discount.

Important Information It shall be mandatory for those clients who have requested a resident discount with a departure date from September 1, 2012 onwards to present their Resident Certificate at the ticket counter. A national ID or foreigner ID (DNI or NIE) is no longer sufficient documentation for obtaining this discount.

4.10 Large family discount: In accordance with Ministry of Public Works Order no. 3837/2006, a discount shall apply to national airfare for members of large families. During the ticket purchasing process, we will request the necessary information in order to confirm that you qualify for this discount.

We do not apply the large family discount on budget airline flights. If you wish to make a reservation with a budget airline and take advantage of this discount, you must do so directly with the airline.

The airlines are obligated to deny boarding to passengers with discounted tickets who cannot provide the required large family documentation.

If the large family discount is not requested at the time of making the reservation, it will not be possible to obtain it subsequently.

4.11 Direct Flights with Unscheduled Technical Stops: Airlines occasionally offer direct flights with technical stops at points other than the departure or arrival destinations. These stops may be for purposes of changing planes, picking up additional passengers or any other technical matter. The Platform shall inform you of these stops whenever the airline has provided us with the information, and in no event shall the Platform be held liable for any resulting inconvenience.

4.12 Problems of Availability: The availability displayed on the Website is that which has been directly provided by the various airlines, which are solely responsible for correctly updating the number of remaining vacancies, price changes, technical stops and all other pertinent flight information.

4.13 Required Travel Documents: Clients shall be solely responsible for making the necessary inquiries in order to determine what documentation is required by the laws and authorities of the countries to which they are travelling and for procuring such documentation, as well as for fulfilling any specific requirements in each case, without recourse to any claim whatsoever against the Platform arising from their inability to complete a booked flight due to their failure to obtain the necessary documentation or to fulfil the requirements of the competent government authorities.

The User is responsible for fulfilling all of the requirements (documentation, visas, passports, vaccinations, etc.) of the competent government authorities. For citizens of Spain, this information is supplied by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (www.mae.es). For citizens of other countries, it will be necessary to contact the Consulate or Embassy of the country in question, consulting the competent authorities as far in advance as possible.

For domestic or national flights, it is mandatory to be in possession of a national ID, foreigner ID (DNI or NIE) or passport. However, certain national flights designated as IB 6000, departing from Madrid-Barajas Airport Terminal 4 and Barcelona Airport Terminal A, are classified as international, therefore, all passengers (including children and infants) must be in possession of a valid ID or Passport, and any minors travelling alone must also have a signed authorisation from their parents or guardians. For these flights, a resident card is not considered valid unless accompanied by a valid passport.

On flights within the Schengen Area, as long as you are a citizen of Spain, only a national ID is required, unless the Treaty has been temporarily suspended.

For international flights, it is necessary to carry a national ID or passport, and depending on the destination, possibly a visa, as well. In no event shall a resident card be accepted as the sole means of identification.

Travelling with children may require additional documentation. Furthermore, the client is solely responsible for obtaining a boarding pass through the means provided by the various airlines, as well as for choosing the most suitable option in a given situation.

4.14 Special Services: If you need to confirm any type of special service, such as a wheelchair, animal transport, either in the cabin or in the hold, or any special dietary requirements, you must indicate this under SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS, providing as much information as possible. In the case of wheelchairs, please specify the type of service needed, whether or not you can use stairs, etc. In the case of animals, please specify the means of carriage and the combined total weight of the animal and the carrier.

The User is responsible for, and obligated to indicate in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS if he or she wishes to confirm reservation of the service, even if the service is denied by the airline. In the event that this information is unavailable, we will proceed to confirm the reservation without regard to the status of the requested service.

4.15 Luggage: As a general rule, tickets from regular airlines, such as Iberia, KLM, etc. include the free check-in of one suitcase.

Exceptions: companies such as Air Baltic or Iberia flights operated by Iberia Express may not include luggage, depending on each company's regulations. Flights within the United States that are not connected to international flights do not include luggage check-in.

4.16 Increases in Airfare: Once the State Finance Bill has been published in the Official State Gazette, airlines may increase their airfare, including on flights that were booked by clients prior to approval of the Bill by the Spanish Government. This increase in airfare shall be effectuated by the airline, as indicated in its General Conditions, without the Platform incurring liability for such increase, as our role in relation to an airline ticket is simply as a broker between passengers and the airline, notifying them of this option in our Conditions in fulfilment of our arbitration obligations. In the event of an increase in airfare on your flights, the Platform shall notify you of this as soon as possible.


The client agrees to pay for the booked products or services, billed in euros, through any of the following payment methods enabled by the Platform .

5.1 Credit Card: Our secure server accepts the following credit cards: VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX and DINERS CLUB. In order to guarantee additional security, for each purchase you make, we will ask you to re-enter your credit card information, as it is not stored along with the information you supply us during registration. All data is encrypted by our secure server.

5.2 Debit Card or Electron Card: When paying by debit or electron card, your banking institution may place a temporary freeze on your card for the full amount of the ticket. The frozen amount shall be automatically reimbursed by your banking institution.

5.3 Incompatibility Between Services and Payment Methods: The Platform shall not be held liable if the service booked by a client does not support the chosen payment method.

5.4 Cancellation of Reservations due to Failed Payment: In the event that a reservation cannot be made due to the credit card issuer declining the charge or due to incorrectly-entered card information, such as the number, expiration date or CVV2, the Platform will make every possible effort to contact the client in order to resolve the problem.

In no event shall we be held liable for any problems arising from the cancellation of reservations by the airline or the reservation system as a result of exceeding the maximum allowed issuance period.

5.5 To ensure the security of passengers and their credit cards, the Platform may request a copy of such documentation it deems necessary, as well as a short authorisation signed by the cardholder. This documentation must be sent via fax within the time-frame indicated by our agents, and you must subsequently confirm receipt. In the event that you fail to contact us within the indicated time-frame, your reservation will be cancelled without prior notice.

5.6 Tickets may be billed by the Platform or by the airline, in which case the billing date shall be between the date of purchase and the date on which the service will be provided.


All tickets include service fees for each passenger, which are disclosed during the reservation process. This fee may be modified by the Platform without prior notice.


Use of the Website implies the User’s acceptance of these General Conditions without reservations, and confirmation of the purchase of an airline ticket implies the User’s agreement to pay the corresponding amounts through any of the methods that the Platform has established for such purposes.


8.1. Brokerage: The Platform acts solely as a broker between Onlinetravel , the airlines and the User . Onlinetravel’s liability to the client is limited to that which is established by law for travel agencies.

8.2. Communications: Neither the Platform nor Onlinetravel shall be held liable for any possible failures in communications, including deletion, incomplete transmission or delays in emission, nor shall they guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the transmission network.

8.3. Personal Information: Onlinetravel has taken every legally-required security measure in order to protect the personal information provided by the User . Nevertheless, Onlinetravel cannot guarantee the absolute invulnerability of its security systems, nor can it guarantee the security or inviolability of personal information during its transmission across the network. Likewise, Onlinetravel makes no warranties as to the accuracy or validity of the information provided by the User .

8.4. Infallibility: Onlinetravel does not control or guarantee the infallibility of the service or the absence of computer viruses in the services provided by third parties through its network of portals, which could cause alterations in its computer system (software and hardware) or in the documents and electronic files stored in that system.

8.5. Utility: The linking utilities that the Platform provides to clients are solely for purposes of facilitating their search for available information on the Internet. The Platform makes no guaranties as to the suitability of the service for any purposes beyond those for which it was contracted or that it will provide access to all of the Internet sites. Onlinetravel does not offer or promote the products and services that are available in the linked sites, nor shall it assume any liability whatsoever for such products or services.

8.6. Limitation of Liability In any event,
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